Regular Car Reviews Learns What ‘Stealth Wealth’ Is In A VW Phateon: Video

The Volkswagen Phaeton is a car unlike any other from VW. Dreamt up by former company chairman Ferdinand Piech, the full-size luxury sedan was intended to go head-to-head with squishy luxury limousines like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, however it wasn’t a hot buy in North America and is thus a rare sight on American roads.

Both V8 and W12 engines were offered in the Phaeton in North America, with the latter of those two experiencing significant depreciation in the used market due to high maintenance and running costs. The V8 utilized in the Phaeton is shared with the similar Audi A8, but had 5 more horsepower than the Audi’s to help cope with the extra weight in the long wheelbase VW.

YouTube’s Regular Car Reviews recently managed to get his hands on a rare V8 Phaeton for one his zany videos. He covers everything on the Phaeton from costs of ownership and the driving characteristics to the type of person that may have bought a new, $80,000 Phaeton.

Check it out below, and be prepared to never look at the super luxurious Phaeton quite the same way again.

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