Roadkill Receieves A Peace Offering From Gas Monkey Garage: Video

Over 10,000 race fans descended upon the Pontiac Silverdome’s parking lot in Pontiac, MI, earlier this month for the first-ever Roadkill Nights event. The main feature of the night was a showdown between the hosts of Gas Monkey Garage and Roadkill, who each built Dodge Hellcat-powered drag cars and raced them for bragging rights in front of the crowds.

Gas Monkey Garage’s 707 horsepower 1967 Hellcat-powered Dodge Dart ended up walking all over Roadkill’s 1968 Hellcat-powered Dodge Charger, but there’s no animosity between the two. Instead, Gas Monkey Garage decided to give Roadkill’s Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger a gift as peace offering following the easy victory, but it probably wasn’t what either of them was expecting.

After beating them in a race and pulling off this stunt, we feel as though Roadkill will find a way to get back at Gas Monkey Garage. It seems possible we could soon have round two of the Dart/Charger matchup on our hands, but for now, check out the video of Roadkill receiving their gift in the video below.

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