Audi Debuts New Ads Promoting A3 E-Tron And TT During Emmys Broadcast: Video

Luxury automakers are no stranger to sponsoring awards shows. This year, Audi stepped in and became the official sponsor of the Emmys, serving as one of the main sponsors and debuting two commercials during the broadcast of the ceremonypromoting its new TT and A3 E-Tron models.

One of the spots, ‘New Arrival’ conveys the message that along with urban farming, owning solar panels and driving a Prius, the next ‘in’ thing among the eco-friendly hipster crowd will be Audi’s A3 E-Tron plug-in hybrid. It seems like a subtle jab at current trends, but Audi’s nailed the archetype of the person that will actually go out and buy something like the A3 E-Tron.

The second ad, dubbed ‘Reality Check’, promotes the TT sportscar using tilt-shift photography techniques. It features some standard sportscar commercial action shots, but the tilt-shift lense really sets this commercial apart and makes the TT look like an honest-to-goodness Hot Wheels car.

If you missed the Emmys, you can check out the two Audi spots just below.

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