Toyota Files Trademark Application For ‘Toyota Mecha’

Toyota Motor Company filed an application to register “Toyota Mecha” as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The automaker’s June 8th, 2015 application is assigned serial number 86655041 and specifies that the mark will be used for automobiles and structural parts thereof.

Toyota Mecha trademark filing USPTO

The Motrolix Take

A few years ago, Toyota showed off the Biomobile Mecha concept. The vehicle was a “true” concept car in that it represented a vision of a supercar powered by pollution thanks to “skin” that was capable of absorbing the harmful substances in the air and turning them into energy.

Toyota also stated that the Biomobile Mecha used nanotechnology, enabling it to expand and contract both horizontally and vertically — an interesting feature for people who need a compact car when parking in tight spaces and driving in cramped urban environments as well as a slim and aerodynamic machine for the fast roads of the future.

Now, we don’t think Toyota is filing the Mecha trademark just to secure it for a vehicle that might come to market decades (or centuries) down the road, given the far-fetched nature of the Biomobile Mecha concept. As such, what’s likely the case here is that the Japanese automaker is looking to introduce a new vehicle model with the Mecha name.

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