Community Question: Hey Yanks, Should Ford Bring The Focus Wagon (Estate) Stateside?

With the Focus sedan and hatch getting all the attention in North America, let’s not forget that The Blue Oval’s global compact car also comes in the more spacious — and arguably less youthful — wagon form. And even though it’s not available here (at least at launch), who knows if the wagon will make its way to the New World in due time.

Personally, I’ve been told by drivers in more than ten different U.S. families that they prefer the extensive room of the wagon to the hatch. Some of these drivers, in fact, don’t really care for the Focus hatchback’s sporting design contentions.

What do you think — does the Focus Wagon wagon look that much less sporty than its Hatchback counterpart? And — perhaps more importantly — should Ford bring the Wagon Stateside? Sound off in the comments!

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