2015 Ford Focus RS To Come With Five Doors?

In the near future, Ford will find itself re-entering the hot hatch segment here in the U.S. market, competing against the likes of Mazda, Volkswagen, Mini, and Subaru. And while we have yet to drive the Focus ST, the 250 horsepower and six-speed gearbox listed on the spec sheet suggests it will be a blast to drive.

However, the upcoming ST’s even more aggressive cousin, the next-gen Focus RS, is currently a mythical creature, with no confirmed facts about it – just mere speculation. However, Britain’s Top Gear spoke of some statistics for enthusiasts to drool over regarding Ford’s hot-hatch Skunkworks project.

As mentioned in a previous report, Top Gear speculates that the 2015 Focus RS will feature a 2.3L turbocharged four-pot rumored to produce around 320 horsepower to the front wheels. The engine itself will be a bored-out version of Ford’s 2.0L four cylinder mill that will power the Focus ST. However, the new intel brought forth suggests that the new Focus RS — if built — will be a five-door hatchback — as a three-door Focus is still reportedly not be in the works. What’s more, the RS will feature active noise cancellation technology to make the fire-breathing hatch a little more livable on a daily basis.

If for some reason Ford does decide to bring the Focus RS to North America, it’ll surely be a rocket. Whether or not it happens, is still a mystery, as expensive hot-hatches aren’t sold in great numbers here in the states, unlike in Europe.


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