Now, Ford Has 2 Of The Top 5 Best-Selling Nameplates In The World

As the compact Ford Focus earned the title of the best-selling automotive nameplate in the world during the first three quarters of 2013, The Blue Oval’s global subcompact vehicle — the Fiesta — also made the list of the top five best-sellers globally.

The Fiesta and Focus were responsible for a combined 1,402,555 vehicle registrations during the January through September 2013 period, based on Polk data. Of those, 61 percent (856,587 units) were of the Focus, while the remaining 39 percent (545,698 units) were of the Fiesta.

The success of both models is widely seen as the result of Ford’s One Ford plan and newfound global product strategy, which has allowed it to transition from an also-ran to a global automotive powerhouse.

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