Volkswagen Launches Revamped Website

With Volkswagen’s plan for world domination by 2018 hitting a snag in the U.S. market recently, VW is attempting to secure some much-needed sales on our shores by means of a thoroughly remodeled website, providing a new, simpler way to shop for a new Volkswagen vehicle.

After a “soft-launch” taking place last week, Das Auto is officially releasing its brand new iteration of, providing user-friendly features to aid in the potentially overwhelming car-buying process. Inspired by the e-dating craze of recent years, Volkswagen has created a website capable of taking a prospective buyer’s list of needs, plugging them into a nationwide inventory database, and displaying actual vehicles owned by dealerships near the consumer. This process is meant to streamline the configurator design run by most automakers’ websites, allowing consumers a chance to see their vehicle’s “profile page” before they even walk through the dealership doors.

“Consumers who come to a dealership because of inventory online are twice as likely to make a purchase as those who came from a configurator that’s not attached to accessible inventory. helps connect people with cars that are actually available for sale,” states Vice President of Brand Marketing for Volkswagen of America, Vinay Shahani

Whether or not this technological revamp will have any positive effect on sales has yet to be seen, but with VW consistently pumping out quality automobiles at an affordable price point, this website should help at least a few tech-savvy consumers to find their way into a brand new Volkswagen.


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