Volkswagen Launches New Video Campaign With “Turbocharge The Everyday”: Video

We have all seen car videos shot with GoPro Hero cameras. The nearly indestructible HD recorders are the most versatile camera around making them perfect for racecar drivers wanting to record their action, including Top Gear USA host and professional rallycross driver Tanner Foust. Tanner recently teamed up with Volkswagen of America to create a unique video using a 2015 Golf GTI and more than a dozen GoPro cameras.

The long-form video allows for viewers to choose from several different camera angles during Foust’s stunts in the all-new turbocharged GTI. In addition to releasing the video, VW is celebrating the launch of the new GTI by giving away a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition camera to all customers who purchase or lease the 2015 Golf GTI by June 30.

Volkswagen has also teamed up with Motor Trend to put out a series of videos starring professional drivers and automotive industry influencers. The multi-segment video series will also take viewers behind the scenes of the creation and development of the GTI videos.

Check out the choose-your-own-adventure GTI video starring Tanner Foust below and don’t forget to check out to see the Golf GTI campaign videos as they are released.

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