Reviews Mixed On Revamped Volkswagen Website

A few days ago Motrolix told you about the revamped Volkswagen website, but now the feedback is coming in, and auto surfers have said that key information is somewhat hard to come by.

According to Digital Platforms Manager at Volkswagen Marketing, Paige Parrent, their goal was to “take away the intimidation and make buyers feel empowered. We want to match people with the cars they love,” she told Autoblog. And in that case, the website succeeds because the interface makes it simple to find a car—among 80,000 in inventory—through linking it to the database of (nearby) dealerships.

In fact, “Consumers who come to a dealership because of inventory online are twice as likely to make a purchase as those who came from a configurator that’s not attached to accessible inventory. helps connect people with cars that are actually available for sale,” says the Vice President of Brand Marketing at Volkswagen of America, Vinay Shahani.

But typical features like a configurator—common on automotive websites—aren’t on the revamped Focus testing suggested to Volkswagen that consumers are most interested in fuel economy and power; however, other details like individual option and package prices are not on full display, and this has been a beef with numerous surfers.

Of course, websites are organic, so Volkswagen is likely to listen to consumers to make the appropriate adjustments to make a better experience for all.

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