Porsche Celebrates Le Mans With 911 Martini Racing Edition

Martini Racing may need no introduction, having worked on rally, GT, and road cars alike. In commemoration of their relationship with Porsche, the German automaker is introducing the Martini Racing Edition. Based on the 911 Carrera S, the car will feature the 400hp 3.8L six plus some body tweaks and, of course, Martini Racing colors.

Porsche has been kind enough to tick several pricey options boxes for you as well, including the Porsche Communication Management system, Bose audio, and black leather sport seats. It comes with Aerokit Cup front and rear spoilers too, as well as a the word Martini everywhere deemed acceptable. You can have any choice in color as long as it’s either white or black.

This special edition is available in Europe, Latin America, and China, but you won’t be able to get it in the USA. Enterprising consumers can order the decal pack of course, so if you do want the Martini livery, you can be assured that you’ll have the prettiest car on the track (with the suds to back it up too).  Nevertheless, the 911 Martini Racing Edition is truly a beautiful car with a lot of history and engine to uphold its name.

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