European Man Owns 5,500 Ford Mustangs: Video

Adelbert Engler is not your typical Ford Mustang fanatic. For one thing, he’s from Belgium. But it’s his miniature Mustang collection that seems to have caught the eye of Ford Europe, as it’s the biggest one in the world.

Like many Americans, Adelbert turned his childhood love for the Mustang into a business. Yes, even in Europe, there is demand for all things Mustang, which is why he owns Thee Mustang Garage in Heusden-Zolder. He’s been honing his craft as a Mustang enthusiast ever since he spied his first diecast Mustang model when he was eight. Now, he has approximately 5,500 models with no Mustang model having been left untapped, from typical 1:43 models to decanters. Of special note are his two Edelbrock Shelby 1:18 models, which Adelbert claims are the rarest in his collection.

The best part of it all? All of it is available for viewing − this is one guy who isn’t interested in hoarding his efforts or even keeping them in the original boxes. What a guy, eh?

And thanks to Ford Europe, we folks across the Atlantic get to see Adelbert’s collection in the below video.

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