Ford Transit Becomes America’s Best-Selling Full-Size Van In December 2014

The good news continues for the Ford Motor Company. Just think about the recent events surrounding The Blue Oval:

And if all that wasn’t enough, the latest good news for the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker is that its new Transit van has taken the sales lead in its segment.

Not to be confused with the much smaller Transit Connect compact van range, the Transit full-size van range was responsible for 10,030 sales in December 2014, thereby becoming America’s best-selling full-size van for that month. Second place went to the Chevrolet Express, at 5,611 sales, and the ancient Ford E-Series van (which the Transit replaces) was a close third at 5,256 sales.

On a manufacturer basis, Ford sold 15,286 full-size vans (combined E-Series and Transit sales) in December 2014 — the most of any manufacturer in the U.S. General Motors came in second, selling a combined 7,336 units of its Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana lines, which are as equally archaic as the outgoing E-Series, and Chrysler-Fiat’s Ram came in third at 3,3036 sales.

The Motrolix Take

The Ford Transit has been received as a breath of fresh air in the full-size van space, especially compared to Ford’s E-Series van (that the Transit replaces) and GM’s Express/Savana offerings, all of which are ancient beyond belief and overdue for a replacement.

But consider this: Ford seemingly conquested its rivals’ customers by the boatload and outsold everyone else by a long shot in December. This happened only a few months after it introduced the Transit — a brand new nameplate and vehicle range for American consumers. So for Ford to take the sales crown that quickly after the Transit’s introduction to America is truly impressive, so we tip our hats to Ford for a job well-done.

Sales Results - Full-Size Vans - December 2014 - USA

FORD E-SERIES-57.8%5,25612,46020.6%54.2%-33.5%
FORD TRANSIT*10,030039.4%0.0%+39.4%
CHEVROLET EXPRESS-21.6%5,6117,15922.0%31.1%-9.1%
GMC SAVANA-33.3%1,7252,5886.8%11.3%-4.5%
RAM-FIAT PROMASTER VAN+62.2%3,0361,87211.9%8.1%+3.8%
NISSAN NV+2.8%1,5541,5126.1%6.6%-0.5%

* Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van sales unavailable at time of publication. We will update the table when they’re released.

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