KTM Teases Closed-Roof X-Bow GTR

KTM has released the first official image of the new closed-top version of its X-Bow track-day special, the 2015 X-Bow GTR.  The Austrian manufacturer will campaign the racecar in the FIA’s GT4 championships, where it has raced its standard X-Bow since 2009.

The biggest difference between the X-Bow and X-Bow GTR is, obviously, the addition of a real roof and some bodywork. It’s hard to make out all the racecar’s bodylines from the purposely under-exposed picture provided by KTM, but to us, it looks like a miniature Le Mans Prototype.

There’s no word on the status of the X-Bow’s 2.0-liter Audi engine, however we assume it’s remained unchanged in comparison to the outgoing X-Bow GT4 racecar. Sales are set to commence in April of this year, with prices starting at 139,000 euros ($156,952 USD).

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