What Does A Nissan 350Z Have In Common With A VW Scirocco?

What does a Nissan 350Z have in common with a Volkswagen Scirocco? They’re both powered by Nissan’s glorious QV35 V6 engine. Actually, the car we see here is basically a 350Z with Scirocco body components. But hey, a racecar is a racecar, and this one tears swiftly around the track and sounds absolutely fantastic doing it.

The car is actually part of a series of tube-framed racing vehicles powered by either V6 or V8 engines that are available in a variety of different body styles. The vehicles are built by a French company called CG Automotive, and the one seen here is the GC V6 Cup racer.

According, GC maintains its vehicles and loans them out to racers for use, which doesn’t sound like a bad idea from our standpoint. See how the GC V6 Cup racecar performs for yourself in the video, and let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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