Toyota To Roll Out New Telenav Scout GPS System In 2016 Tacoma Pickup

Toyota has partnered with UIEngine Link and Telenav to bring the company’s Scout GPS Link system to its cars in the United States. The new infotainment system, which will be introduced in the 2016 Tacoma before carrying over to other 2016 Toyota models, will allow users’ smartphone information to be displayed on the in-car multimedia screen, similar to competing systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Unlike CarPlay and Android Auto, the Telenav system is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android. This allows Toyota to offer just one infotainment system while other automakers scramble to give customers the option of both CarPlay or Android Auto. So no matter which type of phone a user may have, the system will allow them to use navigation, make phone calls and perform other actions from its interface.

“Scout GPS Link provides a flexible brought-in platform that enables car makers to customize the in-car experience to meet their customer needs,” said Sal Dhanani, Telenav automotive business president.

The Scout GPS Link app required to link users’ phones to the infotainment interface will soon be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. It remains to be seen if opting out of both CarPlay and Android Auto is a good move for Toyota, but all should become clear once the public is able to sample the system later this year.

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