Dax Shepard’s 1967 Lincoln Continental Is One Awesome Hot Rod

If you haven’t seen Hit and Run (the movie) starring Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, you’re missing out. Besides being entraining with an absorbing story line, the film also features some awesome cars (1967 Lincoln Continental, anyone?) and memorable chase scenes. Like this one, featuring the ’67 Linc:

It’s a little-known fact that the hot rod Lincoln actually belongs to Mr. Shepard, who has owned it for roughly 15 years. Since he wanted more excitement from the way the big sedan drove, Shepard replaced the stock 462 motor with a Ford Racing crate 514, installed new wheels, tires, and coil-overs in the back, and redid the interior with new seats, gauges, and steering wheel. There is also some stunt equipment in the car, such as an extra foot brake that operates 2 calipers on the driver’s side rear wheel to induce a drift.

The Motrolix Take

Realizing that we’re a few months late to the Hit and Run screening party, we’ll still say that we really enjoyed the film, the cars, the acting, and the story. The movie even contains some borderline offensive yet comical dialogue, such as the reply from Shepard’s character, Yul Perkins, when asked by a random admirer whether the big Lincoln had nitrous. Yul’s retort was:

“Nitrous is for Fags. It’s got Cubic Inches.”

So, we tip our hats in Mr. Shepard’s general direction for owning a formidably-sexy, well-kept, and well-performing classic that’s now part of movie history. Here’s to hoping the big Linc has many more years and miles ahead of it.

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