A New American Supercar? The Rezvani “Beast”

When one’s mind wanders to the penultimate supercar, such legendary marques as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Rezvani come to mind . . . wait, Rezvani? If you haven’t heard of the last one, don’t fret—up until a few days ago, neither did we.

Meet the soon-to-be supercar manufacturer Rezvani Motors. Information is rather limited on this California-based marque other than it being led by Rezvani Automotive Designs, which has had a number of stillborn cars on its roster—will its namesake be any different? Affectionately dubbed “The Beast,” the Rezvani looks to be defined by some rather sharp and vivid lines on the sheetmetal with a Formula 1-style pull rod front suspension, although it already has a great starting point if its nickname is of any indication.

Take a closer look and you’ll find evidence of an exposed cabin, sparse in nature with a non-existent windshield and exposed mechanical underpinnings, which potentially could signify flyweight aluminum and carbon fiber construction. Maybe this vehicle is less everyday supercar in nature and more track-day Spartan a la BAC Mono or Ariel Atom?

Regardless of the final blueprint for this American supercar, here’s to hoping the Rezvani nameplate gets off the ground and follows in the footsteps of other successful boutique manufacturers such as Pagani, Hennessey, and Gumpert. Though production dates are far from being confirmed, Rezvani is telling the world of a debut launching sometime in “mid-2014,” although we know from past experience with other manufacturers not to hold our breath just yet.


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