Toyota Prius Persona Special Edition Coming In September

Since the Toyota Prius arrived on U.S. shores, it has saved American consumers copious amounts of gas (and given them access to carpool lanes in several states, no less). However, with competition getting tougher and tougher, the next-gen Prius can’t come soon enough. While we wait, Toyota has launched the Persona Special Edition for 2015.

The Persona, which will serve as an upgrade to the basic Prius Three (the Three being one of the four trim levels available), is tailored with unique exterior and interior touches to make things a bit more elegant while hypermiling. Choose between two new colors – Absolutely Red and Blizzard Pearl – while looking spiffy with dark metallic 17-inch rims. Blue illuminated front footwells, gray stitched “SofTex”-trimmed interior, dark chrome bezels on the steering wheel and shift knob, heated mirrors with turn indicators, and “Persona Series” badges are all part of the package.

Prices for an Absolutely Red Prius Persona will start at $26,985, while the Blizzard Pearl version is $395 extra. The good thing about the new edition is that it’ll be available in September of this year, so your wait will be short. And the wait for the next-gen Prius? Hold on . . . someone’s waiting?

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