Ford Files ‘Bronco’ Trademark Application

Ford Motor Company has filed an application to register the term “Bronco” as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Motrolix has discovered.

The automaker’s February 26th, 2015 filing carries serial number 86546626 and specifies that the mark will be used in the following Goods and Services category:

“Automobiles; trucks; vehicle parts for automobiles, namely, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, vehicle anti-roll bars, braces for suspension struts, exterior metal decorative and protective trim, exterior plastic extruded decorative and protective trim, differentials, gear shifts, hoods, fascia, steering wheels, seat trim, parking brakes, wheels, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, engines, engine or motor mufflers, exhaust pipes, exhaust headers, air intakes, oil fill caps, coolant fill caps, engine valve covers, ignition coil covers, radiators, and exterior insignia badges.”

That’s IC 012. US 019 021 023 031 035 044, for you legal types.

Ford Bronco Trademark 2015

The Motrolix Take

We find this filing rather intriguing given the goods and services category. Though it might be too early to tell, we personally hope that The Blue Oval will user the name to to bring the T6 Ranger-based midsize Ford Everest SUV to the United States as the Bronco.

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